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To Reduce Your Stress - Invest
time and energy into each koan!

What is a Koan?

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Here the word koan means a particular perspective on something. A distinction. Another viewpoint. A different way of looking at an incident, a situation, even a phrase.

Many feel a surge of energy when they first 'get' a koan, that's a foretaste of the koan's increase in inner power for you.

Now once you do more than just understand a koan - when you really know it - you will be able to use the extra strength inherent in its new perspective. So you need to have each koan come alive for you (there are many - hundreds). Once you have invested the time so it lives for you, you can harness its energy.

By realizing the inner strength inherent in a koan you become more creative, more capable, more effective. You've heard that 'Knowledge is power.' We bring that phrase to life, by enabling you to access that power.

Our usage is, of course, very different to the Zen Buddhist usage of the word koan.
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Why Write Down Your Understanding of each koan?

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Why write down the distinctions contained in each new perspective? It's not that you need to agree with anything we say, but for you to invest time and energy into the new perspectives - exactly as suggested by the Levels of Knowledge koan.

But until you do understand a new perspective, it may seem wrong. This is natural, most people think that what they think is right - they believe their thoughts!

So a new koan may indeed feel wrong. That sense of wrongness just tells you that you don't really know it yet, an indication that you need to invest more time and energy to get to grips with its more powerful perspective.

What matters is that you do understand each koan - with or without agreement! Only then will you be able to integrate the power in each new viewpoint so that you can transcend your current perspective using the best of the old and the best of the new. This will reduce any stress in your current perspective, which brings you more enjoyment and more joy to your loved ones!

Do it Today!

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The sooner you write down your understandings, the more faithfully will you remember each distinction. So schedule an hour or so to write these down within 24 hours, preferably before bed tonight! Tomorrow, later on, invest another 30 minutes in reviewing, revising and improving your answers.

For each koan, as well as each truth or breakthrough that you have since realized, write half a page and answer the following points. The more energy you invest in your progress here, the more explanatory your reply, the more you benefit.
  1. Describe each koan, as well as each new perspective, truth, or breakthrough that has come to you.
  2. Which distinction(s) does each one hold?
  3. What does each one mean to you?
  4. Say something about the perspective from which each one comes.
  5. How can this help you achieve more success and reduce your stress - give you the results that you desire?
The first four questions may be answered together in just one paragraph. They represent different ways of exploring your new understanding of the koan.

Please ensure you put your answer to the fifth and last question - which is about the future rather than the present - in a separate paragraph on its own.

Release the Power in Your New Understandings

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Your willingness to answer these questions will enable you to explore the benefits and discover each koan's different viewpoint. You thus gain its power because you have invested your time and energy - you will have paid the price.

It’s immensely valuable for you to continue to contemplate these distinctions and your new realizations. To reflect on the points contained in each one. When you’ve released - realized (made real) - the power in your transcended perspective, you gain its concrete benefits. You become more effective in getting where you wish to be!

Enjoy working with these distinctions. All the energy you put in here will help you to reduce the stress in your current circumstances. And to use the increase in your personal power available from these new perspectives.

When you have reviewed and then edited your answers, then please feel free to
email them to us. We will send you our explanation of how to release the power in one or more of them within a few business days of receiving your email. Then you'll have our answers as well as your answers to compare and contemplate...

The Unspoken Question

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This brings up a crucial, yet seldom asked question:

Can you afford NOT to afford the time and energy to do it?

As you answer this question, remember that brilliant quote:

All actions have consequences.
Some consequences are more desirable than others -
and some are more arduous!

Food for Thought

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"We all pay the price. Either of Discipline or Regret. Regret weighs Tons. And Discipline? Ounces!

Author unknown

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