Are All Thoughts True?

Are All the Thoughts you have True?

Does your mind ever mislead you?

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Have you ever been misled by your mind? Has absolutely every single thought you have ever had been totally true? Of course not! So no, every thought is not necessarily true.

Apart from mistakes and obvious inconsistencies, people sometimes maintain that they want something, only to find when they have it that they didn't want it after all. So some thoughts your mind gives you are misleading, they may seem true, but later turn out to be untrue.

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Let's explore a few of the more common thoughts so you can see why stressful thoughts are not necessarily true. Many people stress because of:

  1. Insufficient money

  2. Poor health

  3. Inadequate relationships

  4. Disobedience - somebody should do this, but they don't, or

  5. Reality - things should be like this, but they aren't ...

There are many, many reasons people stress. By clicking on one of the links above, you can explore any or all of these to see how increasing your awareness will reduce the stress apparently caused by these situations. This is not to deny that you stress, this is to investigate whether these situations are the direct and sole cause of your stress.

Stop and reflect!

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Once again, you need to become totally clear here. Only continue when you have explored - and have totally accepted - that sometimes your thoughts are true and sometimes they are inaccurate. You need to become aware that your mind is not always truthful.

So stop and reflect before going any further. Think of some examples, perhaps start with an example from someone else - it's often easier to recognize negative behavior in another.

An answer of just "okay - I'll go along with you for now" does not serve you - that's just self-sabotage. You need to be absolutely sure - totally clear - before proceeding past this point.

Your continuing stress suggests that you may have implicitly believed your mind up to this point. Your failure to investigate the truthfulness of stressful thoughts is one of the primary reasons for stress. Untrue beliefs can be very stressful!

Perhaps you are still totally convinced that your mind never lies to you. If so, your stress will continue and may even increase until you decide to change your mind! This is not being negative, it's indisputable fact. So bookmark this page for when you are ready...

Accept the Obvious!

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Perhaps you're ignoring the obvious by going with your feelings. You're not a bad person because your mind tells you untruths - everyone's mind lies to them, how else are you able to experience all facets of every situation? But it's unwise to maintain any stance in the face of incontrovertible evidence... Especially a stance that doesn't serve you - like this one!

Until you know that your thoughts are sometimes untruthful, you'll probably continue to believe that the only cause of your stress is the outside circumstances. Which means you'll be unable to do much if anything about it!

Food for Thought

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Any fool can run towards the light.
It takes .. courage to .. face the darkness and shine .. light there

Leslie Fieger, author, explorer, entrepreneur

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