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Are All the Thoughts you have True?

Poor health

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Poor health can cause you pain and suffering. It can restrict your movements, it can cause you to do lots of things you don’t want to do. Many stress over their poor health, but must it always cause stress?

First let’s look at pain. The cause of your stress is not necessarily the pain itself. The cause may be your thoughts which say this pain is unbearable. But look at what is your truth - you are bearing it! So your pain cannot be unbearable.

Now let’s look at suffering. Does pain always mean you have to suffer? Look at Christopher Reeve, the Clark Kent Superman actor who was thrown from his horse and became a quadriplegic. He then wrote Nothing Is Impossible: Reflections on a New Life! He is one of my heroes and continues to be an inspiration to millions, both injured and in good health.

Explore the life of Ken Keyes, also a quadriplegic, the author of Prescriptions for Happiness and How To Enjoy Your Life In Spite Of It All. These individuals have proven that you can have severe pain yet not stress. It maybe difficult, but it's certainly not impossible!

Young children can be coddled when ill, so they may receive more attention than when well. An unconscious childhood desire for attention is said to be a factor in adults becoming preoccupied with their health. This is a common cause of hypochondria, and can also be a cause of stress about health.

Lastly let’s look at poor health which can make you do things you don’t want to do. Is the problem that your mind is refusing to accept reality? This is not to deny that poor health does need your attention. But although it needs taking care of, does that mean you must stress about it? Many things need your attention, yet you don't stress about all of them.

Food for Thought

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"Learning to let go of the ways we inadvertently and unconsciously contribute to our own pain is the key to finding radiant physical and emotional health."

Ingrid Bacci

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