Money Stress

Are All the Thoughts you have True?

Insufficient money?

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Not having enough money can be a problem, there’s no denying it. Lack of cash can mean you're unable to pay your debts. You might have to move to a smaller house or apartment, or do other things you don’t want to do. But are you stressing because of the money you don't have?

When you were a child, did you personally have less money than you have now? Yes. And did that cause you stress? Probably not. This implies that lack of money is not the only cause of your stress, no matter how much your self-sabotage mechanism may try to mislead you.

Now your mind may tell you that as a child, your parents were responsible for feeding and clothing you, and now you won't survive because they are no longer. Yes, true. But are there any children whose parents do not take responsibility for feeding and clothing them and yet who survive? Yes, true again. So the involvement of parents in feeding children can not be absolutely necessary for survival.

Perhaps the cause of your stress is instead the thought which says insufficient money to cover your debts is an insoluble problem. But is this true? Many people have been in debt and found a viable solution to this apparently insoluble problem. You can, too.

Or too many needs?

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The problem is often simple - rather than too little money, you may believe your essential needs are larger than they really are.

When money is insufficient, you can let go of all the things that you don’t really need by ignore your mind’s insistence that you can’t do without them. I’m not suggesting life isn’t better with these things, I’m asking if it’s at all possible that you would survive without them. If so, you don’t really, really, need them!

Although insufficient money is a problem that needs your attention, that doesn't mean you need to stress about it! When you clearly see that your thoughts - rather than the situation itself - cause much of your stress about money, this empowers you to reduce it.

Food for Thought

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"Debt is a form of poverty - and one of the cruelest.
It gives you the illusion of having more money than you do."

Jerrold Mundis

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