Reality Stress

Are All the Thoughts you have True?

Reality - things should be like this, but they aren't...

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When you think this should be like this, or anything should be different, this is a belief. But do you really know for sure? If so, how?

Even if things would be more enjoyable if they were the way you think they should be, that doesn't mean they should be that way. Are you completely certain things would be better? Maybe it's just the extra mile?

Perhaps it provides an unseen benefit for some people that you're unaware of. It has ended up this way, and there is a cause somewhere. Could it be a necessary step to an even better yet unseen future?

How can you be absolutely sure that you do know better? Is this be just another uninvestigated belief? Could your belief even, horror of horrors, be mistaken? Naaw...

We don’t believe in believing. We believe in profound knowledge instead - because unsubstantiated beliefs have little power. Yet all beliefs are unsubstantiated! When you have verified the facts of the matter, then you don't just believe, you know instead!

Food for Thought

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"In reality... no one outside you can cause your stress. The only thing that can do that is an unquestioned thought."

Byron Katie

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