Reality is the Truth

But what if you don't agree?

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No matter what you believe, reality always tells you the truth. Because the truth of any matter is what's real, and reality is what's real.

Of course, reality and your reality are not the same. Your reality is colored by your experiences, your upbringing, your beliefs, your religion, ethnic identity, gender, attitude, memories, opinions, parents, education, current perspective, etc. etc. Even just your perspective rarely covers 360º. These all form your context which affects your view of reality.

Yet if you're watching a magician with wonderful illusions, there's always a truth hidden behind the illusion. And when you find that truth, you see through the illusion. The untrue part is the illusion because...

Reality is the truth!

Your total agreement is required for this crucial statement. Being just prepared to go along with it for the moment is NOT enough, you need real agreement, not casual understanding. Notice this does not mean you can't hold on to any of your current beliefs, but you do need to recognize the truth in what is being said here.

But what should you do if you cannot totally agree? Investigate!

  1. First write down why you don't agree, put your explanation in a couple of sentences.

  2. Then write down what you think has been said here that you disagree with.

  3. Then compare the two - investigate why you don't agree. You'll find that you must have some belief that in some way does not agree with reality.

  4. Then find the resolution of your disagreement. With a limited viewpoint, two apparently opposite things can be true at the same time. Yet with a higher viewpoint, the dilemma will usually be resolved.
Once you see the truth here and totally agree with it, then continue. But not until! It's crucial that you don't leave any wriggle-room for your self-sabotage mechanism to challenge the truth here.

If you still can't totally agree, then contact us

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If you're still not totally clear that this is entirely true, please let us know what's unclear along with your four point analysis (above) of what's stopping you being in total agreement...

Truth is what is so. Yet when hijacked by the self-sabotage mechanism the mind will try and deceive you, persuade you that illusion is real and reality is illusion. The "I know" mind is just confused concerning the future and how to stop stressing, so why would you ever listen to it?

Reality always tells the truth, no matter what your mind may try to pretend. Reality is the truth about everything. If you allow it, reality can also lead you to the truth about your stress. But only if you are willing to give up your illusions about the cause.

Food for Thought

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"The best way to convince a fool that he is wrong is
to let him have his own way."

Josh Billings (1818 – 1885) famous American humor writer, explorer,
journalist, and lecturer

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