What Should You Do

What Should You Do?

Your Three Choices

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When you believe that changing what you do will remove the cause of your stress, is there any other than these three basic choices? What else can you do but:

  1. Work harder

  2. Do it differently, or

  3. Do something else
Many people have tried working harder and yes, it does bring some relief. But I've also found that it hasn't done much to reduce my stress in the long term. You may also know this.

Have you explored doing things differently? Again it often improves the external results. But if you've tried this extensively, you've probably also found it doesn't do much to reduce your internal stress.

So is doing something else the real key to reducing stress? While you may not have reduced your stress much by doing something else, this doesn't mean it doesn't worked for someone else.

Yet almost everybody is NOT doing the same as you, which means in some way nearly everyone is doing something else! But since only a few have little stress while most people continue to stress, then doing something else can NOT be the real key. Otherwise they'd virtually all have reduced their stress!

The key to reducing stress, therefore, cannot lie in changing what you do!

Are there any other choices? Yet unless you change something, nothing changes, and then your stress continues unchanged. The French have a exquisite yet provocative proverb that aptly describes this dilemma:

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose!
The more things change, the more they stay the same!

The paradox is delicious! Any option you can imagine that involves changing what you do fits into at least one of these three categories.

Over the years, not a single client has been able to think of any that don't fit. We haven't yet found anyone who can think of changing what they do in some way which does not fit here somewhere.

But you need to be totally clear that these are the only choices. Do you get the apparent dilemma?

Stop and reflect!

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Food for Thought

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Doing what doesn't work never brings success!

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