How to Implement this Breakthrough

Your Essential First Step

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Let's look at your context, the initial absolutely essential step. Does it support you, or does it help your stress to continue?

If your context has been sabotaged by your self-sabotage mechanism, your thoughts will advise you against change. But the obvious truth is that for things to get better, something has to change. So you may still stress about your need to change some internal beliefs, despite your desire to reduce your stress.

Your mind may give you the thought that accepting any change must mean that you were doing it wrong before. This manipulative half-truth could lead you to reject a change - even those which bring major benefits. So whenever you have this or a similar thought, you can counter it by telling yourself:

I did as well as I could with the know-how I had then,
which means it was right at the time.

Now I have extra know-how,
which means I know how to do better!

Doing it better will help me stress less in the future.
So these changes are tremendously beneficial..."

Some people profit by learning this by heart, so they can counteract the self-sabotage mechanism whenever it tries to block beneficial changes.

This Seems Like Work

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Put This Plan into Action!

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Everything that we've discussed so far is general. This gives you the wider picture, but stress comes from specific situations. And there's an enormous difference between the general and the specific. So let's look at how this breakthrough can be applied to a specific stressful example from your life.

Now is always a great time to invest the necessary time and energy to reduce your stress!

Yet you may find a strange reluctance to actually put pen to paper, even though you want to reduce your stress. This is your self-sabotage mechanism at work. It feeds on stress, that's one of the many places it gets its energy from. All such food helps it survive, so it will try to stop you reducing your stress any way it can.

So bookmark this web-page and print it out. Schedule a couple of hours later today, preferably before bed tonight, for you to dedicate to reducing your stress. Then treat yourself as your most important priority - and ignore all distractions, just ensure you keep your appointment!

If you wish to download this online stress seminar - at no charge, it has these implementation steps and a helpful blank template, as well as a couple of practical examples of how I reduced my own stress. But please do not give it to others, rather point them at this web-site and let them get their own copy.

Here's Exactly What you need To Do

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Writing It Down will Relieve Stress
You'll need a pen! Choose a situation which is causing you stress. Write a few brief sentences saying what you find stressful about it, and why. Include at least one sentence that starts, "He/She/ They/It should..." Perhaps also one starting "I need" or "I must..."

Now write down what this means to you. Complete the sentence "This means that I/he/she/they/it …" Write down several meanings if you have more than one.

What happens when you believe that thought? How do you feel? If you were to let it go, how would you feel then? Continue to put your answers down...

Now come up with some opposite meanings. Change words such as "I" to "he," "she" to "I," "should" to "should not," "need" to "do not need," etc... Don't worry about the truth of these opposites for now, or if they make any sense, write them all down anyway.

Investigate what you've written including all the contrary meanings you've come up with. Some will be true, and some may not be. Look for the untruth as well as the truth in each one. Have any other possible meanings occurred to you?

Note there's never any truth in a "should" because a "should" is a denial of what is so right now. Things just aren't that way! They may change in the future, but right now, they're not!

Nor is a "must" true. That's a decision for the future - which is not here yet. But when you get there the situation may be so different that you change your mind. How do you know? You cannot know what the future brings for absolute certain. So a "must" can only be a "maybe."

Ask yourself if any opposite meanings might be equally true - or even more true. Which do you feel better about long-term? Since you choose what it means, you can choose any meaning you like! It's your choice, so choose one with less stress!

Now your new meaning has reduced your stress, you can decide what to do about it...

Finally, ask yourself what value did you get from the situation? How has it benefited you? Come up with the good, the valuable service that this whole incident has brought you.

Practical examples can be very helpful, so check out how I stopped stressing about a brand-new kettle that didn't work. See how I reduced the stress I was feeling about not having enough money.

You can download these practical examples and the blank template with the stress seminar at no charge. Along with the details, the template will help you reduce your stress. But please do not give them to others, rather point them at this website and let them get their own copy.

Seven Steps to Reduce the Causes of Stress

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Here's the general principle - investigate any stressful thought your mind gives you. You've just done a specific example and seen how well this works. Now let's look at the overall picture, the general steps to apply in any particular situation (just click on each step):

Actually, Stress can be very Helpful!

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Viewed positively, your stress can give you the motivation needed to eliminate any untrue ideas which help cause it. But change itself can be stressful. So your stress motivates you to make the changes which benefit you. From this angle, stress can be seen as helpful!

Your stress motivates you to resolve any problems in your thinking - to stop automatically believing your thoughts. Once you have rejected any idea which is less truthful, you have less falsehood, and falsehood when believed is stressful. The old saying is indeed true:

Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!

Your Dilemma

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Do What Works to Decrease Work Stress
Your self-sabotage mechanism has a job. It's to find some rationalization to stop you reducing your stress! It will try to mislead you, and it can be very convincing. It may tell you that you don't have time, or are too busy, or the solution is taking too long, or it's not a high enough priority, or it's too much work, or you can't afford it, or whatever...

When hijacked by the self-sabotage mechanism, your mind will resist change. It will tell you that you have to keep doing what you're doing now.

But don't you need to do what works, and stop doing what doesn't work? Doesn't the fact that your stress has continued prove that you've been doing what doesn't work? Rather do what does work instead!

At, you're discovering how to reduce your stress. This is a crucial step towards becoming more successful. So just do it - prove to yourself that knowing the truth can and does reduce your stress.

Yet you may still have a valid reason why you can't reduce your stress now. Explore how to overcome these reasons, other objections and any negativity...

Yet you may still have a valid reason why you can't reduce your stress now. Explore how to overcome these reasons, other objections and any negativity...

But I Already Know All This

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Are you one of the many who believe they Know All This, despite your current stress? But if what you think you know is not bringing you the results you want then how can you authentically know? You cannot be doing what works.

If you don't have the results you really want - living a stress-free life while choosing how to spend your time as well as your money - then how can you Know All This? Your situation will change when you change your context.

Your current experience reliably informs you whether or not you really do Know All This, no matter what your mind tells you! The tension between reality and inaccurate beliefs causes stress, so remove this cause.

If you're finding that any of this speaks to your heart, then you know that truth has its own beauty. The elegance of truth gladdens the heart, so continue exploring these truths, they will bring amazing joy into your life.

Why Invest in Improving Your Capabilities?

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If you've just completed our free online seminar above, you've seen how well this reduces your stress, we've delivered as promised. Yet the self-sabotage mechanism is devious, it knows many, many sneaky tricks. No matter what your mind says, you know that doing something once does NOT make you an expert!

The help you now need to implement these strategies is in our remarkable Special Report:
How To Reduce Stress Special Report How to Reduce Stress - without changing anything you do!

Yes indeed, this title is deliberately designed to get you to stop and think. It's a reference to the enormous yet little recognized difference between what you DO and who you ARE.

You never say "you do stressed", you say "you are stressed." Nor do you say "you do happy", you say "you are happy." You use the verb "to be" - your context.

This difference between DOING and BEING means you need to discover how to BE less stressed rather than change what you do. So this title is entirely accurate, it's completely true!
For around the same price as an inexpensive lunch, this Special Report and Action Plan gives you everything you need. Yet lunch will only satisfy you for a few hours, then you have to buy it again tomorrow, and the day after, and the next day, and...

This Special Report is also food, but a different type which will nourish you forever! Once digested consciously, the amazing benefits remain with you for the rest of your life.

Your results are guaranteed, and so is your investment! We eliminate all and any risk with our 100%, no-questions-asked, more-than-you-paid, two-way, 365-day unconditional guarantee.

Don't let your self-sabotage mechanism stop you now. Enjoy becoming more effective as you take action to reduce your stress with this remarkable Special Report and Action Plan.

Five Reasons why you should Act Today

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There are many benefits to investing in the help you need to reduce your stress today. You can probably think of several, including increased motivation, easier work, improved health, added success, extra happiness, better relationships, more enjoyable family life...

Five good reasons why you should act right now - today:

  1. Confusion between these two similar concepts Wastes Money and Causes Stress. I've saved thousands of dollars over the years by understanding their differences. You'll save a bunch of money too!
  2. Lack of personal power and stress go together - but which comes first? Learn how you reduce your personal power - yet are oblivious to the loss!
  3. Stop unproductive and stressful activity and save more than Four Hours a Week. How? Unlike any other program, our focus is on doing what works, and only doing what works. How much time will you stop wasting once you've learned how to tell what doesn't work - in advance!
  4. Failing to achieve your goals can be stressful. Discover the three essential steps to reaching goals successfully, including the crucial step that many people miss.
  5. This Misunderstanding can cause problems in Relationships. How one client saved hundred of dollars as well as much stress with her room-mate.

What have you got to lose but your stress? So why delay? Such a modest investment, such enormous benefits...

Bonus When You Act Right Now

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Reading This Book Brings Stress Relief

Special Bonus

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The Message of a Master is a very special little book whose story and wisdom will capture your attention from the very beginning. Written in 1929, it's a two-part story that will shed intense light on the source of your greatest power - and how to tap the source.

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Your 100% No-Questions-Asked 365-Day
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A Great Guarantee Reduces Stress

I am so sure that you will be successful with these new strategies I guarantee your success in two different ways. Most other people will only guarantee to give you your money back, but I'm really confident, my guarantee promises you even more than you actually pay!

Guarantee #1. If for any reason you are not completely and 100% totally satisfied with your purchase of our stress reduction program, even if you don't like the font used for the highlights on any of its pages or the colors used for the text on the cover, then I insist you return it within 365 days for a full and prompt refund of your complete purchase price. Is this fair? There's more…

Guarantee #2. If you don't find that any of the life-altering strategies inside our amazing program have reduced your stress, enabling you to enjoy life more, and be more tolerant of other people and their inevitable mistakes, although you have honestly tried to implement it fully, then we will work with you one-on-one to reach this goal. If you don't reach this goal, I'll reach into my own pocket and DOUBLE your full refund! Who decides whether and when you reach your goal? You do!

The free bonus is yours to keep anyway as our way of saying thanks for being willing to give our totally experiential, and highly effective process a fair trial!

I'm sure you'll agree our 100%, No-Questions-Asked, More-Than-You-Paid, Two-Way, 365-Day, Unconditional, Money-Back Guarantee is completely and absolutely fair to you.

Stop Stressing Today!

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How To Reduce Stress Special Report

Along with its Action Plan, this extraordinary Special Report will show you exactly how to relieve the stress in your life. And hurry, at this VERY special price - a DOUBLE discount - this opportunity won't last very long.

Will your life be better tomorrow? It can be - if you're willing to reduce your stress today. If so, you already know the value of investing your time and your money.

What's the most worthwhile investment you can make? In yourself! When you invest in reducing your stress how can you lose?

You already recognize that your actions today create your circumstances tomorrow. Discovering exactly how to relieve your stress today is the only thing that will make any real change to the quality of your life tomorrow.

Remember Benjamin Franklin's amazing wisdom:

The definition of insanity?
To keep doing the same thing, whilst expecting a different result!

Recap What You Get when you Act Today

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Reduce your Stress Now!

YES Cris, I'm more than ready to reduce the stress in my life.

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**WARNING!** this Stress-Reduction Program is NOT for everyone!

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Now let me repeat that fair warning I gave you earlier. This is the real thing - it will change your life. But this program is only for you if you're serious about reducing the stress in your life.

  1. If you are NOT willing to commit yourself to reducing your stress…
  2. If you are NOT willing to learn from other people's mistakes and you insist on making your own...
  3. If you are NOT willing to invest some time every day to change your life...
  4. If you are NOT open to questioning any of your beliefs, whether or not you think they are stressful...
  5. If you are NOT open to miracles happening in your life resulting from reducing your stress…
... then this program is NOT for you.

If that's the case, please be honest with yourself and exit this page right now. Really, I am serious. An enormous number of people would rather make their own mistakes and are NOT willing to learn from others. Yet a minority prefer to have others make the mistakes and learn from their blunders, thus avoiding all the mental anguish, pain and suffering.

Reducing stress takes serious work and commitment. Others make promises, but we deliver. This is an experiential program, and you need to make changes so you can have those experiences. This is not just another report asking you to read the information without needing to do any serious work. If that's what you're expecting, you're going to be very disappointed.

On the other hand, if you're sick and tired of stressing, then this is for you. Reduce the stress which you just know is holding you back and ACT NOW!

And PLEASE, keep us posted on your new achievements. We're rooting for you and we know you can do it.

Best of Success,
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Cris Baker

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Are you still not convinced that investing a few bucks to reduce your stress would be amazingly worth-while? Then you probably have a reason why. Most of the reasons people have for doing nothing about reducing their stress are addressed here.

Food for Thought

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"Besides learning to see, there is another art to be learned
- not to see what is not."

Maria Mitchell, Professor of Astronomy.
First woman elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences,
cousin to Benjamin Franklin, (1818–1889)

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