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About Us

Attitude is crucial!

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Actually, it's not just your attitude, your context is crucial. Along with attitude, context also includes motivation, beliefs, indoctrination, intention, willingness, dislikes, understanding, fears, open-mindedness, previous experiences, etc. etc.

It's easy to find offers of massage, natural herbs, music, and other treatments to relieve stress. But a short-term remedy is not a cure.
Life is rational, so stress can be understood rationally, although your stress suggests you may not appreciate this yet.

Science applies principles rationally, so it makes enormous sense to apply these to the reduction of stress.
Science principles say that when you don't understand something, you must be missing something. When you're missing something, your knowledge is incomplete.

This is
outstandingly good news - it tells you the way to reduce stress. Take responsibility for what you know, as well as what you don't, and then fill in the gaps. Once your context has improved, your resultant behaviors will automatically change.

So you need to go back to basic principles to discover its real cause. You need to know what is is, when it occurs, how and why it happens. It also helps to know who suffers from stress, where it occurs and what causes it.

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The Rock of Gibraltar where Reduce Stress Now is based
Reduce Stress Now are based in Gibraltar, Europe and have clients in many countries. Our target audience is English speaking professionals who are actively looking to reduce their stress. People who are willing to do what it takes to reduce it by taking responsibility for their stressful circumstances.

It grew out of the ground-breaking work of Life Strategies, which explains how we all use Life's fundamental Principles at every moment. Consciously or unconsciously, we either use them for us - or against us.

Your circumstances result from your previous choices, to reduce stress you need to stop repeating those choices. Most people do what they sincerely think is right, yet their stress suggests they can be sincerely mistaken!

Cris Baker

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Much experience with the fruits of bad choices has made Cris an expert in handling the stress which inevitably follows! Remaining sane means he had to develop a highly effective process to overcome the stress caused by any screwup. He enjoys a Best Answer rating of well over fifty percent at Yahoo Answers. But does it work? Yes, brilliantly!

His path to becoming more effective - working out what works - mostly seems to have been via what does not work. He has vast practical experience in making mistakes! :-) Cris personally knows the enormous truth in that brilliant epigram from Winston Churchill:

"The only thing man learns from history is that
man does not learn from history!"

Yet there's no need to suffer the painful consequences yourself. Explore how he triumphed over his many very painful lessons, and you'll also discover how to reduce your stress.
reducing stress makes Cris Baker smile
Brief bio: Born in England at a very early age and now based in Gibraltar, Cris first studied Life Strategies in North America. His wide-ranging interests include keeping fit, economics, spiritual matters, motivation, and the study of truth. He enjoys public speaking, writing, helping people...

Deciding at an early age that growth was the meaning of life, he became passionate about personal growth. Performance and effectiveness have been lifelong interests, he ran a successful computer performance company for many years.

He would love to tell you that he always learns a lesson from a mistake the first time around. But it's not true! In fact, he has made some of the same mistakes over and over again.

For example, he eventually realized that he isn't right, all the time, about everything. Many of you know this already, but it was an amazing revelation. He used to think "I don't know how to do this," meant "this can't be done." Yet "It can't be done" does not mean "it" can't be done at all. It only means that he doesn't know how to do it!

Here's the deal: now you can benefit from authentic, hard-won know-how which comes from real experience. Why suffer from your own mistaken (although sincere) beliefs when you can learn from an expert in self-sabotage? Minimize your suffering - discover how to reduce your stress today!

ReduceStressNow - not a substitute for psychotherapy

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This technology is only for healthy people. If you are ill in any way, or just not well, or have any psychological issues, please go to a medical professional! The less open-minded you are to new perspectives, the more stressful you will find reducing your stress to be.

Psychotherapy originated with Freud and Jung in the nineteenth century. Much of it seems to focus on the past, on how to fix an individual's past so they can move on. Whilst successful for many troubled individuals, it can often take quite a long while. As every moment passes you create more of the past!

Although many practitioners would like therapy to be all things to all men, the enormous growth in other disciplines suggests otherwise. Now more rational approaches such as cognitive therapy and cognitive behavior therapy have arisen, but the results to speak for themselves. Ask yourself how happy, relaxed, and fulfilled is the average practitioner, and you'll know the true effectiveness of their approach.

Thus some psychologists and psychotherapists nowadays get trained in coaching and other more modern disciplines. Yet coaching itself largely focuses on the question of what to do.

And although action is entirely necessary, action when you come from the wrong place - when your context is wrong - generally does nothing to solve the cause of the problem. This is why although there are many, many approaches to reducing stress, most only have a short-term effect. They don't solve the problems underlying the causes in the first place.

The Principled Approach

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A powerful way of looking at stress is as the tension between what you believe to be true, and reality - what is actually true. This is your perspective, your context.
Choose Truth not Myth to Reduce Stress
Eliminate the gap between what you believe to be true and the real truth, and the tension caused disappears. But how do you know when you have a gap between your beliefs and the truth? The answer is disarmingly simple!

You believe that there's something wrong with reality! But reality is what is true - just what is so! Anytime you think things should be different, you're saying reality has got it wrong, and you know better.

But you obviously don't, because things are not that way - which is not to say you can't act to change things in the near future, even the next second.

Reality is exactly the way things are right now. And believing that you know better than reality is a major cause of stress. In contrast, when you're happy accepting the way things are right now, how much do you stress?

So learn how to see the good, the benefit in the way things are, and you'll reduce your stress. Then changing your future becomes easier.

Click here for more about the importance of context. Or for more about this breakthrough and our approach, click here.

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Food for Thought

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"Although nature commences with reason and ends in experience it is necessary for us to do the opposite,
that is to commence with experience and from this to proceed to investigate the reason.

Leonardo da Vinci, painter, writer, inventor, all-round genius (1452 – 1519)

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