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Do you have the time right now? You're stressed, yet it takes time to reduce your stress. We're totally realistic, so you can download this free seminar without cost or obligation and schedule the time for later instead. You're welcome!

Now for that unusual promise. Most companies want you to buy something before they give you anything. But no purchase needed here, this free online seminar shows you exactly how to reduce your stress right here on these pages.

Why is this seminar so comprehensive? It needs to be! You can either discover how to stop stressing - or continue to waste time and energy stressing. Remember learning to drive? Yet now you conduct a car without stressing. Here you're discovering how to conduct your life without stressing - an even more crucial skill. Of course it takes just as much time.
Hand Outstretched in Welcome reduces stress
What's in it for us? Why this gift with no strings attached? You know that doing something once just means you're a beginner. To become proficient - and develop vital expertise - you'll need our breakthrough Special Report and Action Plan How to Reduce Stress! available here at the end of the implementation page.

Just imagine how appreciative you'll be once you've reduced your stress! You've come here, you want to reduce your stress, right? Then give yourself a chance, allow us to change your life - keep reading to check out this breakthrough right now!

Patience is vital, since you've been stressing for ages. You need to go through it all from start to finish - and do all the exercises. The experience essential for making your life more enjoyable only comes this way!

Our ground-breaking methodology explains how to reduce your stress - this free seminar takes you through everything you need in a carefully structured fashion. We even guarantee that if you faithfully follow the steps - all the steps - of this seminar, you'll be empowered to reduce the major cause of stress in your life.

But how come I'm an expert at reducing stress? Experience! Lots of it! I've been fired five times. I've been rich, I've been poor - and poverty following riches can be very stressful. Many unsuccessful relationships ...
Check out what made me an expert on stress.

No matter what you currently believe, or how negative your thoughts may be, here you'll discover the profound truth. False ideas don't help, only the truth will set you free - which means only the truth can empower you to reduce your stress in the long-term!

How to Reduce Stress with this Breakthrough

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If you do not completely and fully understand everything presented here, your self-sabotage mechanism (we all have one) will try and stop you understanding the real cause of your stress. If you don't understand why you stress, how will you ever stop? If you let it win, you'll continue stressing.

So you need to ensure you fully comprehend each and every point made here. This does not mean you need to agree with each one, but you do need to completely understand its perspective.

If you do not agree or even don't understand anything at any time, then just click its explore more link. Each explore more link loads a page with a more detailed explanation which discusses possible difficulties in detail. Once you've finished exploring it, just click the back to previous or close this window button to get back to the page you came from.

These explore more links clarify and expand upon the point made in the text. If there's anything you don't fully agree with, I encourage you to explore that issue in more depth. The more you understand each and every point, the more successful you'll be in reducing your stress.

The Problem

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You stress.

And you think that the situation - the outside circumstance - is causing your stress. After all, if this wasn’t like this, or that wasn’t like that, you wouldn’t stress.

But last time you were stressed, some other circumstance caused your stress instead. So let's look at the bigger picture here. If this particular situation were not stressing you, would you find something else to stress about? Do you usually find certain situations stressful?

You Always Have A Choice!

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Two Roads diverged in a Yellow Wood
You always have a choice. But what's that I hear? Are you saying - Really? not always.

Let's look at this for a moment. You may not see that you always have a choice, but that doesn't mean there isn't one.

You may not like the choices that are open to you. The options may be awful, they may even be totally unacceptable - but they do exist.

Do you always, always stress? Obviously not. What makes the difference when you stress and when you don't? What else can it be but the choices you have and make? It's always true that
you have a choice.

Scratch That Itch - That'll Solve the Problem!

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When you have an itch, do you just scratch it? If it continues, do you keep trying to get rid of the symptom or you would rather resolve the cause? Even though continuing to scratch may feel good in the short-term, getting rid of the cause is usually far more satisfying.
Long Straight Road In Desert
There are many, many itch-scratching solutions advertised to reduce stress. They’re so abundant that it was very easy to find examples. These come from the very first page of a Google search:
  1. ""How to Remove Stress from your body Effortlessly"

    This offers a period of time in a flotation tank.

  2. “What you do right now is determining the results in your life anyway, even if you don't feel in control. Why not learn how to consciously take control, so that you can get the results that you want instead?"

    This coaching program suggests that the way to reduce stress is more control over what you do.

  3. “Recognize stress symptoms and physical, mental and emotional reactions. Develop strategies to handle pressure, change negative patterns and reduce stress levels. Make lifestyle choices and create action plans for optimal health and wellbeing.”

    All of this again implies that you’re doing things wrongly, so their answer is that you need to change what you do.
Yet these all point to a widespread misconception: changing what you do will permanently remove your stress in the long-term.

But suppose the reason you stress is not what you do, but what someone else has done. Perhaps you have an unfaithful partner, or a rebellious child, or your pension fund manager has lost all your money, or whatever... Locking them up, or taking revenge may indeed feel good today, but will it actually remove stress in the long-term?

Although scratching an itch can certainly help, it rarely removes the cause. A short term fix is just that - short term, it usually has little to do with
the long term solution.

The Choices in What You Do

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When "they" recommend that you change what you do to reduce your stress, there seem to be only three choices: to work harder, to do it differently, or to do something else.

These are the only three choices, so let’s consider each one in turn:
Work Harder
Many people try working harder, and this can bring some satisfaction. But I've found working harder doesn't do much to reduce stress in the long-term. If you've tried it, you perhaps know this too.
Do It Differently
You’ve probably also tried doing things differently. Although it can help to reduce stress today, experience generally shows not much changes over time.
Do Something Else
Then doing something else must reduce the cause of your stress, right? But most everyone is doing things differently from you. Do they live stress-free lives? Usually not.
So how can any of these be the real key to reducing your stress?

Up till now, you’ve believed in some variation of one of these short-term remedies. But you're still searching for the solution, which must mean that these options have not worked for you in the long haul. You've probably tried one or more several times. Yet what other choices are there when you believe that reducing your stress involves changing what you do?

You need to see this significance of this problem - and understand how to resolve it - to reduce your stress. So please take the time to explore this crucial paradox in
what should you do?

See that Reality Is the Truth

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Are You Gullible?

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When someone tells you something, do you automatically believe it? Probably not. You usually consider what has been said, determine how much truth there is, and choose whether to believe it or not. You don’t automatically believe it. Nor do you automatically disbelieve it.
Man Walking Misty Straight Path

What about internally? When your mind gives you a thought, do you automatically believe it? Or do you treat it the same as a thought given to you by someone else?

If you automatically believe the thoughts that someone else - or the mind - gives you, you’re gullible. If you never believe the thoughts you are given, you’re cynical.

Both can lead to serious stress because they are predetermined positionalities. Allowing the past to dictate your future is dangerous. There's no room to be creative. Worse, if someone know your past, it allows them to manipulate you. And your self-sabotage mechanism knows your past!

But when you investigate all thoughts - either from someone else or your mind - this means you’re being cautious. This is the skeptical stance. As a skeptic you investigate for yourself. You know that you - and no-one else - will bear the consequences of
what you choose to believe.

Where is the Pain?

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If you have a wound in your leg, then your leg is where the pain is. If your eyes are not working properly, a vision problem is usually related to your eyes, so that's where you start investigating.
A Painful Throbbing Knee is a Cause of Stress
Yet when the inside of your head hurts, you blame it on external causes.

The situation may be the trigger for your stress, but the problem is usually where the pain is felt - inside your head.

Most people will try to change the outside and then wonder why their stress - which is inside - doesn't change. Yet to get results you need to focus on being effective, not on doing what you just hope might work.

Effectiveness is what counts, which implies that your or anyone else's (possibly mistaken) thoughts and beliefs are by no means sufficient! As the brilliant quotation explains:

“To succeed you need you to do what does work -
rather than what you just hope will work!”

Beliefs, although sincere, can often be sincerely wrong. So just hoping and believing is not enough.

When you suffer internally, doesn't this imply that the solution is internal as well? A change to the way you perceive things means a change in your context. By changing your context and becoming more aware of its cause you increase your personal power and decrease your stress.

Are All the Thoughts you have True?

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Are all your thoughts true? Not necessarily. Some of your beliefs are true and some will not be. But unless you are absolutely clear about this already, your mind will deny this. It'll pretend that it just makes mistakes, yet it always tells the truth. But how can both these two statements be true about the same event at the same time? If a thought about a fact is true, then how can it also be untrue, a mistake?

Your mind will tell you that you must stress because of:
  1. Insufficient money
  2. Poor health
  3. Inadequate relationships
  4. Somebody should do this, but they don't
  5. Things should be like this, but they aren't, or ...
Stressed Out Couple sitting on Sofa
There are many, many reasons people stress. But how can you do your part in reducing your stress before you realize that there are other causes of stress apart from the external circumstances.

This is not to deny that you are stressed, this is to investigate whether these situations are the direct and only cause of your stress... Click here to explore each of these to see how increasing your awareness will
reduce stress even in these situations.

We don’t believe in believing. We believe in authentic knowledge. Compared to genuine experience, beliefs have little power. Yet when you have fully investigated the matter, you no longer need to believe, you know instead!

What Can Cause Stress?

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Have you ever said to yourself, "It seemed like a good idea at the time"? I know I have! Yet doesn't this prove that even though your mind told you something was true, it turned out to be untrue? This is not to say that all your thoughts are untrue, just some of them - which may or may not be only a few.

Letting go of untrue thoughts can itself be stressful. The self-sabotage mechanism will try to mislead you by telling you this isn’t the solution, or it’ll never work, or it’s too simple, or it’s too much effort, or it takes too long, or … whatever. Or it may even try and maintain that its untruths are actually true! But to reduce stress, you need to ignore all such misleading thoughts.

Your mind may try to convince you that a particular situation or individual is the only cause of your stress. Perhaps you remember a similar situation and recall your previous stress. Then the current situation cannot be the only cause of your stress. The previous one is affecting it! Which demonstrates how untrue that thought is and how subtly the mind can try to mislead you.

These outside stressful situations are simply "itches." In general, these "itches" are not the root cause of your stress. No matter what your thoughts may insist.

This suggests that stress is not just caused by the situation itself, it can also be caused by what you believe about the situation.

Don't Believe In Believing

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Believing an Apple is an Orange causes Stress Disorders
Why don't we believe in believing? Because there's no power in believing. We believe in profound knowledge instead. Believing something rather than knowing for certain causes stress!

Stress is the tension between what you believe to be true and what is actually true. When you know the truth, it does set you free. Free of what? Stress!

When you fully and totally accept whatever is happening, then there's no tension between your internal world and reality. Truth is reality. Stressing about how it should be different won't change it in this moment. Which is not to say action cannot help improve it for the future! Things are the way they are so wouldn't you rather enjoy the situation and not wish it were any different? In enjoyment there's no stress.

But you’ll only know the truth when you’ve investigated it and found it to be true for yourself. Otherwise it’s just a belief. The more uninvestigated beliefs you have, the more stress you have.

Don't just believe what anybody says - including what I say here! Be skeptical, contemplate it, check it out for yourself, ensure it's true for you in your experience, then you will really know. That's where the power lies, not in believing!

The Cause of your Stress - and the Breakthrough

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The solution is simple, but simple does not mean easy.

Finding the Solution Eliminates Stress and Anxiety
You've done a great job in overcoming the self-sabotaging mechanism and getting this far. Now you should be in the correct frame of mind to benefit from this vital breakthrough.

But if your mind rejects the solution, you must have missed out on something really important above. This means it would be a good idea for you to go back to catch up on why.

So first bookmark this page and then download this mini-seminar (just below) to study later. Schedule a couple of hours to study the exploration pages, survey the examples, and learn exactly how to implement the solution. Make an appointment with yourself, this will help you avoid attempted sabotage by your self-sabotage mechanism!

Now here's how to reduce your stress, the answer we promised you right at the start:

Question all the thoughts your mind gives you!

Investigate the more stressful ones carefully to see how true - or untrue - they really are. Then, whenever a thought is true, act on it.

When you know it is untrue, stop believing it, stop acting on it, and you'll stop stressing about it.

Simple, but not easy. Here’s a question for you to contemplate deeply:

If you don’t mind, how can it matter?

It’s your mind that minds! This means that your mind gives you the thought that something matters, and you believe it without question. This is being gullible!

Rather make the choice to reduce your stress now, investigate your thoughts and accept only those you see are profoundly true. Start with your more stressful beliefs.

Feel free to
download this online stress seminar here - our gift to you, if you'd like to study it even more carefully. But please do not give it to others, rather point them at this page and allow them get their own copy.

The Immense Power in this Solution

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Keen observation tells you that you have little control over the outside, over what other people do or try to do. People rebel. Even dictators eventually come up against people whom they find difficulty in controlling.
Man Sitting in Relaxation on Bench
So it's fortunate that reducing your stress has little to do with changing the outside situation or with controlling other people's actions!

Reducing stress this way is powerful. You discover how to investigate your thoughts and discard the stressful ones that you find are not profoundly true.

Simple, but as you saw, simple and easy have no connection. Some simple things can be very, very difficult...

This solution is beautiful since it needs no one else to cooperate but you. Remove the cause and you'll reduce your stress!

Your future is in your hands!

How to Implement this Breakthrough

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Now you know the cause of most of your stress - you mind, and so it matters to you! You also know how to reduce it: whenever you don't mind, it doesn't matter. The vital question is now: How are you going to implement this extraordinarily effective solution?

Get the help you need to
reduce your stress in a systematic and ordered fashion. Click here to learn how to implement the solution and reduce your stress.

Food for Thought

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“Everyone stumbles over the truth from time to time,
but most people pick themselves up and hurry off -
as though nothing ever happened.”

Sir Winston Churchill, British author, statesman (1874-1965)

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