A Koan is not a Four-legged Animal
from Australia

The Value of Experience

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Experience shows that the primary way to profound knowledge is, well, experience. Just listening, or hearing about something, is not nearly enough. Yet so many people don't even realize that there's a difference between understanding and authentic knowledge.

What is the difference between profound knowledge and just knowing about something? Experience! Experience is the difference that really does make the difference.

And the difference between the two is enormous! Yet there's not even a widely used word for such a distinction, this different perspective on the matter.
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So we've adopted a word from the Zen Buddhist community: koan (plural koans, pronounced: co-an, co as in co-exist, and an as in an idea).

In our usage, a koan is a particular perspective. A distinction. Another viewpoint. A different way of looking at an incident, a situation, or even a phrase. You may feel a surge of energy when you first understand - "get" - a koan, that's a foretaste of its increase in inner power for you. But note that unless you invest energy into your new understanding, it won't last.

Simply put, koans enable you to increase your understanding and hence your ability to manage your context. Your context significantly affects your stress levels, so they'll help you stress less as you become more effective in running your life.

This usage is rather different from the actual meaning of the word koan in Zen, of course.

Koans can do anything

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Well... almost anything. :-) There are many hundreds of koans, they range from the very obvious to the esoteric, with many in between.

We've already mentioned one koan - the enormous difference between just knowing about something and having genuine experience. A couple of the more fundamental ones are:
  • How To Overcome Stress, and the little known Four-Part Process that Creates it!
  • The One Word which sabotages everything. And How to Nullify its Effect
  • The A-B-C formula to Let Go of whatever Troubles You
  • Four Questions that everybody asks, and yet One - Only One - gives Results
Several koans address the Law of Attraction, which actually has three little-known aspects. The difficulties found by many in implementing The Secret generally come from misunderstanding these aspects. Ignore them at your peril!

Other koans deal with successful choices and the many opportunities for mistakes when you try to change things:
  • The Three Approaches to Life, and the difference the Right One makes to Your Success
  • Learn from the Masters. The Little Known Technique for changing anything you wish to change
  • The Biggest Mistake Everybody Makes, and How to Avoid It
  • The key to Understanding Everyone's Behavior - including Your Own!
Once you know the distinctions they contain, all koans dramatically enhance your personal power. Then you can use that increase in power to make a difference in your life - or someone else's ...

Some Sample Koans

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They say that examples are good, so here are links to several crucial koans already up on this site. Most pages contain one major koan as well as mentioning various others.

Wanna Reduce your Stress?

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Choose your next step right now:

Food for Thought

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"Before we can have true freedom we have to be able to learn from our experiences. This means stop repeating the same behavior... and change instead.

"Then we achieve a different result, one that serves us and everyone around us better."

(Author unknown)

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